Sleep well, live well

Good sleep sets you up for a productive and enjoyable day, but understanding what makes sleep good isn’t easy. Our technology takes the guesswork away, allowing you to understand and improve your sleep quality, easily. 

Discover the secrets of good sleep

Tired of poor sleep? Our technology can automatically record and track your sleep stages, giving you the full picture of your sleep quality. You can even receive personalised tips to help you adjust your sleeping habits, boost your energy, and improve your wellness.

A sleep lab on your wrist

Great sleep data is no use if it is too complicated to understand - that’s why our algorithms do the work for you. You can check the length and depth of your sleep, total sleep hours, and comparisons of your sleep quality over time, all laid out in clear graphs right in the app.

The science behind the magic

Even though sleep is complicated, our tracking system is easy to understand. Our watches automatically track motion and heart rate, and these two things combined let it accurately record sleep quality and depth. All you have to do is wear your watch, and our software does the rest.